This article first appeared at The Queens Tribune on Jan. 8, 2015.


Since elementary school, Jeneen Terrana knew she wanted to become a singer.

“I remember telling my mom when I was in 7th grade that I wanted to be a singer,” she said. “In high school, I started auditioning for things and getting in! I was in the select choir, the musicals, and a few bands. Then, I auditioned for University at Buffalo and got into their music program.”

Terrana’s experiences at the University of Buffalo, studying classical voice for five years, would prove invaluable for the musical path that lay ahead. After earning her BA, the musician moved to Queens and started releasing work as a singer/songwriter. Her first album, Just Me, came out in 2002.

“As the title suggests, I was the only one working on the album so it got a little maddening but it was also a lot of fun,” she said. “I felt like every time I went to record, something amazing and unexpected would happen (usually by accident) and it made for some very unique moments in the songs.”

As the only person recording her album, Terrana had to program the drums and bass, play the guitar and keys and do all the vocals from a small room in her apartment. The process took eight months to complete.

Terrana followed that release with My Creation in 2007 and See The Light in 2011. For the latter album, she actually traveled to Lawrence, Kan. and worked on her demos with producer Mike West.

“In one week, he transformed them (with the help of some great musicians) to what you hear on the album,” Terrana said. “I had to completely trust him and his ideas so it was a little scary, but I was so thrilled at how it turned out.  He added beautiful instrumentation and really brought the songs to life.”

For her upcoming album, Fallin’, Terrana found another collaborative partner in Nick Howard. They spent a few months in his Queens studio, assembling the vocal performances and then built the tracks around them along with some rough sketches.

“I wanted something that was still me, but with a fresh, fun approach,” she said. “The songs started as a throwback to the 80’s but evolved into something current yet familiar.”

Terrana will hold a pre-release full-band show on Jan. 25 at The Living Room in Brooklyn. Joining her are several other local musicians, such as Brian & Silbin, Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party, and Xavier Cardriche.

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