When I first listened to this album in full, I wasn’t sure what to think. I liked many parts of it, but it was difficult to tell how it felt as a whole. It was only on repeated listens that Reflektor connected with me. I like how it has a kitchen sink approach, with each song having a unique style.

Yet, I still feel some tracks go wonderfully together, like the aggressively in-your-face “Normal Person” and the bouncy “You Already Know.” The chaotic drums that convert into a Neil-Young chorus on “Awful Sound” and the 80s-synthtastic “It’s Never Over” are two-sides of the same coin, two interpretations of the same story. The differing styles keep it from feeling repetitive. The title track and “Afterlife” both marry that Caribbean rhythm with Arcade Fire’s usual bombast and sincerity. The latter particularly has grown on me and has my favorite set of lyrics on the album, with Win moving from condemning the idea of an afterlife to realizing the appeal in an afterlife shared with a true love. While it could have been a little shorter (No need for “Here Comes The Night Time Pt. 2”), Reflektor is another winner from Arcade Fire.

Best Moments: The rave segment of “Here Comes The Night Time,” the “Billie Jean” bass line on “We Exist,” Bowie’s backing vocals on “Reflektor” and any time Regine sings.